Imperial Design Symposium 2010

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  • The fourth year of the Symposium is characterized by porcelain and has focused on creating a new gift and marketing item for the Imperial Karlovy Vary company. The realization was accepted by the Carlsbad designer Martin Přibík, whose artistic work can be seen at exhibitions and in galleries as well as in the collections of the Museum in Karlovy Vary and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. This year the participation of a sole designer reflects the fact that the economic crisis has not spared the spa industry. Despite this situation a very interesting work of art has been produced – a double-sided porcelain fruit bowl in the shape of a relief map of Karlovy Vary.

    “We have invested more than CZK 3.6 million in the specific spa design over the four years of the Symposium as we feel strongly about Karlovy Vary maintaining the reputation of a world-renowned spa. Working with artists is one way to achieve this. Thanks to their art the designers cultivate the spa environment, which has always been an integral part of treatment and whose aim is to help people reach physical and spiritual balance.”

    — Ing. Alexandr Rebjonok, Ph.D.

    General Manager of Imperial Karlovy Vary

    Participants of year 2010

    Martin Přibík

    Martin Přibík